Personality Development Programme

Seminars & Workshops

Any amount of knowledge and skill is of little use unless the total personality gets empowered.The young graduates are trained to become all round managers by exposing them to the modern techniques of yoga, stress management,public speaking,corporate communication etc.

To help them in personal grooming special sessions and held on business etiquettes, negotiation skills and effective communication and to become an efficient team member and an effective leader so on , special classes are given on leadership, motivator ,attitute ,teamwork and analitical skills, communication,problem solving and team work abilities. Hence case studies,industry project,presentation,research work and role play form an integral part of a student tenure at AMTGI.Seminars and workshops are organized on subject relating to industry.Speakers and experts from industry sre invited to discuss and adress the industrial issues.Student can find out about the job opportunities an offer, and get help to decide what direction is best for them.There are workshops on job seeking skills,mock interviews

Career Counseling

Career counseling is essential in order to natural talent that will play a vital role in career planning.The Process start with the assessment of aptitude and inclination of students.Students over all performance include academic and non-academic plays a major role in deciding the career path of students. After evaluating the above factor,students are guided for possible career

Industrial Tour

Industrial visits are planned regularly helping students to get acquainted with the process of manufacturing and marketing of product.

Corporate Resource Center(CRC)

CRC recognizes the employability is a key requirement for our students.As a result and MBA Course ensures that students develop,alongside their academic knowledge and expertise,that full range of skills that employers require including presentation and interpersonal skills.Besides this the center prepare students through rigorous group discussions and interviews for their placement.

Placement & Industrial Relations

The institute has develop strong relation with industry and leading commercial organization to assist the students in finding out suitable eployment opportunities through its placement cell.We also provide analytical counseling and at as a catalyst between prospective employer and students. HR executive from various organization are frequently invited to organize the campus interview.

Pre-Placement Talks(PPTs)

The Pre-placement Talks are presentations organized by companies in the college campus.Over the years, they have become the primary forums for company student interaction.These talks give the students chance to learn more about company,people and work culture of an organization. Students can also learn about the oppourtunities for growth,learning and advancement that the company offers. They can also form a first-hand impression of the company and can maje an informed decision about applying for placemets.We have over the years found that senior executives are the most effective in delivering the PPTs and also making a strong statement of commitment to recruit students of our institute.The PPTs take place on a mutually convenient day.

Distributing the Published Material

An effective way of awareness about a company among the students is to provide them with the information.The information could be in the form of annual report,company brochures,pamphlets,research material and other published information.tTh placement officer ensures distribution of such material amongst the students.

Summer Internship Process

The placement process consists of the following stages:The company conducts a pre-placement talks.
The resumes of the interested candidates are sent to the company.The company is informed of the day on which interviews are scheduled based in the ranking.The company sends a shortlist of student and the recruitment process details of the Corporate Resource Center.